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Protective Face Shield production now increased to 1,000/day to support Tulsa and Surrounding Area!

Today has been an exciting day here at HP Manufacturing. Not long ago, we saw a local need to provide medical grade face shields for our local medical offices, first responders and firemen. This is in response to the shortage of the N95 breathing masks, plus shortage of many other medical supplies. In responding to supplying this need, we have also seen a positive benefit to our business in that it helps us maintain staffing, hours, pay and benefits as our regular industries step back a bit in production needs.

Today, we have been able to increase our production for up to 1000 face shields per day. We are selling this per piece and also providing discounted rates at 500, 1000 and over units. We are selling these to keep our employees employed but we also understand the fear that the COVID-19 virus has brought. If you or anyone you know needs one, don’t hesitate to ask for one. We would be honored to help. Pricing is dependant on quantity needed and delivery or shipping needs. Give us a call for pricing options and with any other questions you may have.

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